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School Performance Tables


Newspaper articles and social media stories this week have focussed entirely on the government’s new Progress 8 score – which measures the journey children make from primary school to the end of Y11. 

 Alongside performance tables the DFE published a note explaining that typically, students join studio schools at the start of KS4 having attended a different school in years 7, 8 and 9. Sadly, this important difference and its impact have not been explained to readers.

 At Sir Frank Whittle Studio School young people are transformed from school students to young professionals – a 4-year journey from Y10 to Y13 at the end of KS5.

 Comparing schools for children aged 11-16 with schools for students aged 14-19 (with a single score that assumes all students started that school in Y7) is misleading. Describing any studio school as ‘failing’ having only measured the progress students make, only just over a third of the way through their time at the school is wrong. 

 Additionally, we are aware of a significant error in the data published online and are working hard to have this resolved and the correct information published.  This could take up to 4 weeks to resolve.

Yesterday, the government also published school performance tables for progress at the end of Y13 (sixth form) which is, after all, when students leave school to progress onto university or directly into the real world of work. These performance tables show that Sir Frank Whittle Studio School has the highest average grade possible for Applied General and Technical qualifications of Distinction* (the equivalent of A* at A-Level).  Sadly, newspapers and social media choose to ignore this. 

 It is worth noting also that companies are taking our students directly into management training development or paying for our students to embark on further/higher education at their expense.  Time after time our students are being told that they are excellent and have skills beyond their years and none of this has been communicated in Newspaper articles.

 We are very proud of this success and we will do all we can in the coming weeks to encourage the local press to celebrate this fantastic achievement of all our students.


Yours sincerely,


Mr P Hostead