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What our partners say about us


We are pleased to be associated with Sir Frank Whittle Studio School, due to its commitment to providing students with meaningful skills for the workplace, and their approach to working with industrial partners to ensure their needs are met.

 - Bill Mortel, Director of Advanced Technologies, Trelleborg


We are supporters of the Sir Frank Whittle studio school because we are a local aerospace engineering company who employs school leavers to train as engineers for the future. This school will prepare their students for the demands of an increasingly technical world, and this is the grounding we seek in the apprentice engineers we will be recruiting in the future. We hope to maintain a long and successful relationship with The Sir Frank Whittle Studio School and to uphold the technical ethos of its namesake.

 - Myles Ball, Managing Director, Tower Tool Co. Ltd


We are supporters of Sir Frank Whittle Studio School because assisting with the development and learning of students is important to us, as is part of our commitment to supporting the community that we trade in.

  - Ellie Martin, Branch Manager, Waitrose Lutterworth


 The Sir Frank Whittle Commemorative Trust supports the creation of the Sir Frank Whittle Studio School because it will be a key element in the process of introducing students to and developing their interest in the field of engineering. This in turn will lead to a wide recognition of the opportunities and benefits of a potential career in engineering and innovation, thereby following in the footsteps of such great engineering pioneers as Sir Frank Whittle.

 - Edward Helmsley, The Sir Frank Whittle      Commemorative Trust 


As part of our pioneering work in community broadcasting, we are extremely pleased and excited by this collaboration with Sir Frank Whittle Studio School. We believe our partnership with the school places our primary broadcasting objective for this area in safe hands, whilst ensuring the development of future opportunitiesskill setssocial gain and networking for college students, college staff, the residential community, local business community and the area's various charitable and other not-for-profit organisations."

David Harris Boulter, Chairman & Operations Manager, Cross Counties Radio


 We are supporters of the Sir Frank Whittle Studio School because we want young people to be encouraged to choose a career in catering and hospitality. We want to be able to access a pool of young people who have all the skills andexperience to become an important part of our team.

Elizabeth Payne, General Manager, Kilworth House Hotel


"We are supporters of Sir Frank Whittle Studio School because we believe that the voluntary and community sector offers the potential of a unique partnership for the benefit of all stakeholders, building on the significant relationship that has been developed with Lutterworth College over a number of years."

- John Warren, Manager, Lutterworth Volunteer Centre